View Full Version : cutting reference

Kev Williams
10-20-2016, 1:23 PM
People are always asking about cutting, what laser will cut what thickness, how fast, etc-- I just did some cutting with my LS900 and took notes--
I just cut some .380" (as measured) thick white plex. My machine is going on 13 years old, is running the original 40w Synrad laser.
I was able to cut thru the full .380" in one pass. Excruciatingly slow, but it did it--
My machine speed was set a 1%, and it covered 2.2" in just under 30 seconds, which works out to .074" / 1.87mm per second.
I have one slower speed, which is 0%, and it's about half as fast as 1% :)

Slow for sure, but it does mean getting thru 1/4" plex should be pretty easy-- and still pretty slow, but should be a nice result.

-- just for reference, your results may vary! :)

Gary Hair
10-20-2016, 1:32 PM
and I know from my experimenting that your Explorer will cut 1/2" clear at 1% speed, at least it could 7 or 8 years ago.