View Full Version : A free site to convert art to line drawings

Bruce Clumpner
09-29-2016, 4:23 PM
I haven't tested it yet, but I wonder how well it would handle raster images...


David Somers
09-29-2016, 5:52 PM
Hey Bruce!

Wont have a chance to play with this until later in the weekend but it looks interesting.
I tend to use Corel Autotrace from my X7 suite.
I generally start off with a photograph, fuss with it a bit to increase the contrast and eventually reduce it to Black and White if possible. Then run an Autotrace on it. I may have to play with Autotrace a bit to get a good trace.
I often find that Corel Autotrace will create two identical objects, one directly under the other on the same layer, doubling the complexity of the file and making editing difficult. There is a macro you can download from Corel that will remove duplicate objects and it does a good job correcting this.

Another tactic I will take with a photo/raster image is to again, increase the contrast, Convert to either gray scale or B&W, and then run it through an app on my phone called ToonCamera. It converts the file to a line drawing of various types and in a few of their options it can produce a good usable image for lasering.

Will report back here if I can play with this by Sunday night!

Thanks for sharing it with us!!