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brian saban
09-22-2016, 10:37 AM
Just a small note for anyone on the edge and thinking about why buying an Epilog and more import spending the money on American made machinery is worth it. My story has it's ups and downs. Me and my friends Steve purchased a Epilog mini 24 40w some 4 years back as a hobby machine for ourselves and while it works great (although I would definitely recommend more power if planning on using it for wood cutting) our issue has been our laser tube has blown for the 5th time 4 yrs. While Epilog has changed many parts it still remains to happen on a machine not used very much. BUT I must state, I wouldn't switch companies for the world, The support, understanding and the fact that they stand by their machines way after the warranty expires (at least with pre existing issues) is a true testament as to what built in the USA means! I can't praise the tech support team enough, Bravo Epilog for always being there for me.

Mike Null
09-22-2016, 11:24 AM

I applaud your loyalty but this doesn't make sense.
our issue has been our laser tube has blown for the 5th time 4 yrs. While Epilog has changed many parts it still remains to happen on a machine not used very much.

brian saban
09-22-2016, 11:58 AM
Your right, and I neither of us can figure the issue out, but as long as they keep switching them out without even the cost of shipping it's hard to complain. But of cause I keep good records incase the day ever comes. Even the motherboard was swapped out last time. I figure there must be a short or something blowing the tube somewhere, but it's never at a set time or a certain amount of hours. I keep logging each job to see if there is any similarity when it happens, but nothing. Very odd.

Dave Sheldrake
09-22-2016, 1:58 PM

I applaud your loyalty but this doesn't make sense.

+1, I don't buy stuff to break no matter how nice and helpful the vendor is.

Makrel Johnson
09-22-2016, 2:29 PM
As a Helix owner, I'd ask the OP:
1) do you have the required minimum electrical supply? Mine REQUIRES a 15 Amp dedicated circuit JUST for the machine. (I wired a 20 amp for it and lights no longer flicker in the room)
2) if 1 is not possible, do you have some kind of power conditioner or UPS (something to condition the electricity)? I can tell you that electricity can be very fickle and machines 3 times as so.
3) What does Epilog say is going on? Have you been able to bring the machine in (if you're close by) for a diagnostic?

If my tube blew that frequently I'd be buying elsewhere due to the downtime. Fortunately they're a 50 minute drive for me so it's not as critical. I did enjoy buying from them and touring their factory but I'd be more adamant about getting it fixed once and for all.


Mike Null
09-22-2016, 3:33 PM
I have reconsidered my response on this post and feel that they should replace the machine. You have been more than patient. Anything less than a replacement is not facing up to the problem.

Bill George
09-22-2016, 6:03 PM
Electrical supply issues would cause problems besides just the tube. The controller cards and stepper/servo motors and drivers would be also prone to failure. I would think a wiring harness or connector might be at fault. Anything that has failed that many times should be just replaced as an entire machine. Parts (circuit boards) can fail and cause others to fail later on if not replaced all at the same time.

Keith Winter
09-22-2016, 10:30 PM
I agree they should replace the entire machine. Have they tried replacing the power supply, perhaps it is shorting/surging or something?

Bert Kemp
09-23-2016, 12:47 AM
I would think the lemon law would apply have them replace the machine

brian saban
09-23-2016, 7:49 AM
Yeah I hear what you guys are saying, I guess since I don't use it as my main business source i'm a little more lax than most would be, but if it happens again i'll see about a machine replacement. Does the Lemon Law actually actually apply, I thought that was only with cars. In any case I guess I've dealt with so many companies that have such bad customer service that it's just a nice change to have nice people to deal with over there.

Keith Outten
09-23-2016, 8:40 AM
I know of at least one person here that Epilog sent them a new machine due to multiple failures that occurred over a one year period.

Brian Leavitt
09-23-2016, 10:10 AM
I came extremely close to having my Fusion replaced by Epilog. I was fed up after having to replace a laser tube, three control boards, four I-beam assemblies, and all of the belts within the first year. They were prepared to replace it, but we finally got it fixed and it's been fine ever since.

John Noell
09-23-2016, 3:56 PM
Yeah, Epilog was nice enough to replace a couple of tubes without charge. Unfortunately, I have to pay full duty and VAT on the VALUE of anything coming in PLUS the cost of shipping, even if it is a warranty part. That made it very expensive. Between bad advice, rude support (blaming me for their own mistakes), and undependable hardware (now on the 4th motherboard and 4th tube), I will never buy Epilog again. Their apologies (one nice and others grudging) aren't enough.

Kim Vellore
09-23-2016, 6:35 PM
A friend of mine got an Epilog, and had a lot of issues in getting a clean straight vector cuts, finally he was able to return the machine and he did not want a replacement so they had their lawyers send him a bunch of papers to sign before refunding his money. According to the papers he is not allowed to talk about the problems he had on forums or publicly. He eventually got a Universal. If I were to buy a new machine now I will seriously consider Trotec and Universal. I would get samples from all three before I buy. I would send a vector file with circles, diagonal lines and straight lines and request to process them at the machines fastest speed, then check how wavy the lines are and how long it takes to mark before deciding. I would do a similar request with raster too. This thread does not look like it is doing any good to Epilog's reputation.