View Full Version : Masking causing damage to encoder?

Kit Dumph
09-16-2016, 3:03 PM
Been through 3 sets of encoders, strips, and flex-cable on the Epilog Helix now in less then a year. Thankfully all under warranty. I'v upgraded the exhaust to overkill, and maintain a regular cleaning per Epilogs directions. I'm thinking the issue might lie in the mask I have been using. I engrave full 24"x18" pieces with a good amount of detail. One of the products is wood, and must be paint filled after engraving. Been using the laserbits 12" mask to this purpose. My theory is the sticky residue that is produced when the laser cuts/rasters through the mask is causing all my issues.

What do you guys think?

Are there some masks our there that would raster off clean? Still hold up to a toothbrush and paint for the fill?

Thank you as always!