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Franco Baca
09-13-2016, 4:23 PM
I am in the process of purchasing a Trotec Speedmarker 300 Fiber Laser (30w). We are currently coating firearms and have demand for NFA engraving as well as cosmetic designs.

I have been lurking for a bit and would like some input from all the pros here. The laser is priced right for us so we chose this vs. other manufacturers that came in a few thousand dollars less. The cost is negligible since I see that Trotec is the premiere laser manufacturer (my opinion). The learning curve will be there, but I'm sure the support will be there also. My question is about the workstation. It is priced pretty high and I'm not too sure if it's worth the cost. Has anyone here made their own workstation? From looking at pictures it appears to be a table and an enclosure, nothing fancy. Maybe someone can shed some light on the benefits of purchasing it vs. getting one built. I appreciate any and all input.

Gary Hair
09-13-2016, 5:54 PM
I love my Speedy 400 but I really don't see the benefit in buying a big name fiber when you could buy a whole fleet of Chinese fiber lasers for the same price. The difference between big name co2 and Chinese co2 is huge, not so much with fiber. Support and software are the two advantages with big name, but once you are running and have the software and settings figured out then that support isn't worth much anymore. Fiber machines have virtually no maintenance and typically run, and run, and run, and run. I have two 30 watt machines and I'm pretty sure I could buy 1 or 2 more and still be less than the Trotec would cost, and with the exception of the software not being very user friendly, there isn't anything the Trotec could do that mine can't. There are some differences in quality of parts between the typical Chinese machine and a big name machine, but I can get amazing detail and very precise repeatability with my machines so even the lower end machines/parts will do pretty high quality work. I do LOTS of firearm marking and no complaints about the quality!
Both of my machines are open, no enclosure. You'll like that when someone brings you an assembled AR and wants the SBR markings done! Unless the enclosure was at least 48" wide I would leave it open.

Franco Baca
09-13-2016, 6:29 PM
Like I mentioned, I got a really good deal. I obtained quotes from a few manufacturers and it made sense to go with the "Mercedes" of lasers. I'd rather pay a bit more and know that it will function as expected and have the peace of mind YMMV. Thanks for the advice concerning the open enclosure!

Rodne Gold
09-13-2016, 10:35 PM
Whats a bit more ? A chinese made 30W fiber should cost you $7k door to door .. small enough to airfreight. you can have one in under a week...
Whats the cost of the Trotec fiber?

Franco Baca
09-13-2016, 11:57 PM
Rodne can you answer the question I posted? Should I get an enclosure or not?
This is not a post asking if I should get a Chinese laser. I don't want a Chinese laser. I chose not to go that route.

Rodne Gold
09-14-2016, 12:46 AM
Well, we run ours enclosureless , but do have an extraction tube right near the worktable and our operator uses safety glasses
The only reason we have extraction is that we do a ton of plastic engraving with it which does release a lot of smoke and fumes .. I had it in my office for 6 weeks to mess with it , without extraction .. but my office stank afterwards
I think another F-theta lens is a better purchase than an enclosure.. lets say you get a 110 x 110 lens with the machine , I would buy a 75 x 75 lens and a 220 x 220 lens.. simple to change.. a minutes work....

Franco Baca
09-14-2016, 1:02 AM
Rodne, thank you for the great advice! I think I'm going to get another lens instead.

Chris Bratton
09-15-2016, 11:22 AM
I would buy the Trotec simply because of the 2 Lense Theta, Software and that the rotary actually works as intended. I recently demoed one. With the 2 lense set up the laser whne marking is esentally perpendicular to the entire marking area so a 30 watt laser can mark a 10in by 10 in with no issues. With the chinese lasers as they move out to the sides you need more power to make the mark. I'm going to get rid of my Chinese mopa laser and buy a trotec one when they are relesed next year.

Kev Williams
09-15-2016, 11:56 AM
The rotary that came with my Triumph fiber works wonderfully. But not just 'all by itself', it needs the users help...

Awhile back there was a thread on the issue of the visible 'seam' when using the rotary. I've used mine quite a bit since I got the machine. The seam is not the fault of the rotary. I've found that seams are caused by a few issues: the wrong diameter entered, the part not being horizontally square to the machine, the split spacing, the type of hatch used (very important), and the laser's TC settings, which may be the MOST important. If the laser's on/off timing isn't tweaked, overburn will be visible at the split regardless of anything else.

Chris Bratton
09-15-2016, 2:42 PM
I have a Panasonic Servo one that I paid $1100 that is no better than a stepper because it dosen't have an encoder on it. I get really good results with it don't get me wrong but once you demo a trotec marker . It is really hard to go back to a Chinese one that runs EZCAD 2

Kev Williams
09-15-2016, 3:20 PM
Oh, I would LOVE a different way to run the machine. But the machine itself, pretty much the same as any other until you get into the high-end stuff.

To wit, the mirrors and its housing, whatever you call it, aside from the lens, mine and the Trotec's look the same to me...