View Full Version : What does this jig do?

bob starkey
09-11-2016, 9:16 PM
Any one know how to use this jig?

John Ziebron
09-11-2016, 11:22 PM
Yes, I have one from a long time ago and haven't used it in a long time. I don't remember who made it, but it's an inexpensive jig for cutting tenons on a table saw. If I recall correctly, there should be a miter bar that's adjustable to the jig so you don't use the TS fence. There were pins and a couple of aluminum C clamps that also came with it. The normally stationary side of the C clamp is not there but the end is flush and tapped so a screw from the backside of one of the holes will hold it in place to secure your piece of wood. The pins screw into many of the holes allowing for a 90 degree or several other standard angle cuts.

I don't know of many people that still use these tenoning jigs but newer and better ones are cast iron with better ways to hold the work piece.

John McClanahan
09-23-2016, 3:24 PM
Sears sold those. There are more parts to go with it.

glenn bradley
09-23-2016, 9:48 PM
Correct, a right angle jig. Better versions (https://www.amazon.com/Shop-Fox-W1500-Right-Angle/dp/B000022423)are not so inexpensive.