View Full Version : Top Ten Things Guys Don't Say

Bob Lasley
06-15-2003, 9:37 PM
This was on a birthday card my oldest daughter gave me:

Top Ten Things You Just Don't Hear Guys Say

10. "Screw the game...........Rosie's on!"

9. "Excuse me, sir. We're really, really lost. Could you give us directions?"

8. "I don't really care for beer...too filling. White wine for me please."

7. "Honey.........you up for some shoe shopping?"

6. "Oh, sure she's great looking, but what about her personality, hmmm?"

5. "I'm just feeling so fat right now. I think I'll get a nice salad instead."

4. "I can't go out tonight! I've got nothing to wear!"

3. "Well, I was reading Cosmo, and it said........."

2. "Um, Joe? Do you ever get that not-so-fresh feeling?"

And the number one thing you just don't hear guys say is.......

"A greeting card?! Why, this is way better than power tools!!"

I think my daughter knows the old man pretty well. BTW, there was a Woodcraft gift certificate with the card.


Steve Clardy
06-15-2003, 10:15 PM

Glenn Clabo
06-16-2003, 6:42 AM
How about... Does this toolbelt make me look fat?

Jason Roehl
06-16-2003, 8:48 AM
They forgot these:

"Let's just see what the manual has to say before we put this thing together."

"This car model has too much power for me. Show me something smaller and in blue."