View Full Version : 2 Gloats

Ed Breen
09-28-2005, 10:55 AM
Hey all,
Sunday the LOML and I were at a local store getting milk. When I came out she pointed out a sign on the window OAK @ $1.00 bf. Called the number and picked out 120 bf of red oak. Still plenty left if you're close to Muskogee.
Second and most important gloat. We've been in litigation in federal court for two years on a fair labor standards case. Yesterday evening our attorney called to tell us that in a 50 page finding with footnotes the judge found the 49 plaintifs to be a group of "axe grinders" who were "inherently unbelievable." Its hard to say how elated I am, it means that a passel of plaintifs attorneys will have to look elsewhere for their bread and butter. Altogether a satisfying week for us.
Ed:) :rolleyes: :o