View Full Version : Small Sanding disc

Bob Coates
08-20-2016, 3:14 PM
Saw this video on youtube and had to try it.
Used HF hex bits with point ends ground off and quick bit holder, knelling pad and velcro from HD. Used a hole saw to cut both wood and pad.Velcro could also be gotten from Vince). The best part was the quick attachment chuck for the discs. I found that without having to change disc the velcro seems to hold up better.342644

Thomas Canfield
08-20-2016, 10:31 PM
I made some similar using the HF multipack driver bits, but found that the round shank and the little tubes of epoxy from HF did not work too well and had several come loose. I changed to the hex shank bits and had good luck. Klingpor has sheet Velcro with adhesive back that works well and makes a lot of disks. I made 2 and 3" size holders. I still like to use the interface pads from Vince to get a round cushion and have the kneeling pad tapered out to edge. Having dedicated disc holder and quick change holder does make sanding go faster and get more life out of sandpaper.