View Full Version : White laser engraving on black molded plastic

Brad Bylls
08-15-2016, 1:58 PM
Does anyone know of a way to laser engrave white letters on black molded plastic?
I don't know what kind of molded plastic it is.
Thank you.

Kev Williams
08-15-2016, 2:27 PM
A fiber will put a 'light' mark on certain plastics, but "white" is a tall order. A C02 either melts or vaporizes plastics, no white about it...

Aside from some sort of printing, the only feasible way to get white letters on black plastics is rotary tool engraving and filling with paint or paint stick.

FWIW, I just threw out a first run of black plex that I laser engraved and had the wife paint fill. The paint will NOT cover the erratic laser marks at the bottom of the cut to suit me, simply looks bad. I ended up tool engraving them, and the paint looks top notch...

George M. Perzel
08-16-2016, 1:19 PM
Engrave it with a Co2 but slower than usual to insure the letters are deeper. Then fill with Elmer's white wood filler-let dry and wipe of excess.
Best Regards,

Bill Cunningham
09-14-2016, 8:50 PM
I get nice white on black acrylic, if you want it whiter wipe on some white enamel or acrylic paint. I use it generally for photos on burial urns. Use the same setting you would use for a photo on granite