View Full Version : Autolaser and Vectors

Callum Angus
08-08-2016, 12:54 PM
Hi again all..

I am making some frames that I am cutting on my Redsail X700 but when I am transferring my vector art as a .dfx file and then opening it into Auto laser the file isnt correct...

I've designed the frame using straight lines and grouped them in illustrator as compound paths but then when I open them in Auto laser some of the lines are curved???

Why would this happen???

Kev Williams
08-08-2016, 6:19 PM
Happens to me once in awhile when exporting to dxf to or from Corel and Gravostyle. Sometimes I get curved straight lines, sometimes circles with 1/3 the circle semi-flattened. Don't know the cause, I just figure it's all part of the fun..

Only surefire fix that works for me when this happens, is I take the job, increase it's size by 500%, then export it as a .plt file. Once imported, I reduce to file 20% to get where I started.

The reason for the up-down size is because small details in plt files tend to get bumpy. At 500%, they're not so small any more. And the good detail remains once resized-- at least in Corel...