View Full Version : Discussion Does anyone use Dolphin Cad/Cam

Ted Woodbeck
08-04-2016, 8:04 AM
I'm building my first CNC machine and was wondering how good Dolphin Cad/Cam is for a beginner or should I use something else.

Robert Parent
08-08-2016, 12:05 PM

I looked at it about a year back and messed with the tutorial for several weeks. It appeared to work and not crash and burn like so many of the others I have used. At the time the user interface was rather dated and the various modules were pretty much stand-alone even though you could move data between them. Their sales staff will bug the heck out of you once they have your number. The price greatly decreases the longer one holds out. It appeared to be a fairly good program at the greatly discounted price. Like most PC programs you have to find one that fits your way of thinking and your workflow. I did not buy the program mainly due to the interface and module integration mentioned above. I think it's a middle of the road program, some are better, some are worst. I would get the trial and see how it works for you.