View Full Version : Straight hose bib ?

Stephen Tashiro
07-12-2016, 6:06 PM
Does anyone sell a hose bib with a straight outlet ? ( = outdoor faucet that accepts a garden hose so the outlet would be perpendicular to the wall of the house) ? I want to put y-connectors on the my hose bibs, so the 90 degree or 45 degree turns on the outlets of typical hose bibs are a nuisance rather than a convenience. One end of the y-connector always ends up too close to the wall or to the ground.

Another question: The outlet of a typical hose bib has about 3 rows of threads on it. Is that a good feature? Would it be better to have more rows of threads?

Chris Padilla
07-12-2016, 6:31 PM
They make 45s to put on the end of the hose bib to straighten it out.

Ironically, the 45 or 90 typically found on the hose bib end is done to prevent kinking of the hose but when the bib is installed too close to the ground, the opposite happens.

I don't think such a beast is made, Stephen. You might try a simple gate or ball valve and then thread an adapter that goes from whatever is on the end of the gate/ball valve to GHT (garden hose thread). These adapters are readily available. However, this might get a bit long and gangly looking.

George Bokros
07-12-2016, 6:34 PM
I am not sure I understand you problem. Most hose bibs come out at a 45* angle toward the ground. I have "Y" connectors from Lowes that have a collar to hook to the bib like a hose does. Hope this helps.



Tom M King
07-12-2016, 7:09 PM
I'm not brand loyal to many things, but freezeproof hydrants and hose bibs are on my brand loyalty list. I won't buy anything but Woodford. I don't even know how many we have on our farm, but a bunch of them have been in use since 1980. They're easy to work on, and any replacement part you need is quickly available. Look over this and find something that will work, then do a Google search to find the exact model number.


Jim Koepke
07-12-2016, 8:07 PM
I know these used to be available, but haven't seen them for years. My father would sometimes have to do some light plumbing on a washing machine installation and he had a plethora of valve types.

Today the easiest solution for a straight out would be to use a gate valve or line valve and use a pipe thread to hose thread adapter nipple to make your own straight out hose bib. These types of valves tend to work best full on or full off.

As to a less work solution there are Y-splitters with swivel connectors so it doesn't leave one outlet close to the house. The next less work sollution is to install a quick connect between the hose bib and the Y-splitter.

I have used quick connects on my garden watering equipment and couldn't live without them.