View Full Version : Orion Service an A+

Scott Donley
09-24-2005, 5:32 PM
A word on service. I got my new Craftsman 22124 a few weeks ago, so far has been a great saw, good quality, a nickel stands on edge at all four corners with NO movement, cut 8/4 maple with no problems, dust collection is very good, and love the Bessy fence.

That said, I called Orion, I had a few issues (3) The blade insert was not perfectly level, the right extension wing ( I could feel where it joined, unlike the left ) , and I did ask if they had any longevity problems with the new style belt.

The results were, they are sending me a new extension wing, a new insert, and even a new belt to ease my concerns. Then offered to contact Sears and have them install the extension.<O:p

I may never use the new extension, The framing squire I used shows it as level, I even told them that, but I can FEEL it, and they still wanted to send the new one, there words were if you ever feel you need it you will have it.<O:p

To me, that is service, plus, no voice mail, no push #? To talk to, a real live person answered my call. They were great!<O:p

Bruce Shiverdecker
09-25-2005, 12:54 AM
Ain't it GREAT to get a Human Being answering the phone!

I HATE Telephone Company Menus!!!!!!


Tony Falotico
09-25-2005, 6:51 AM
That is great to hear Scott. I've been pleased with my Craftsman 22124, it has done everything I've asked it to, and for the money is a good saw. I particularly like the outfeed table, and it worked great when incorporating the router table.

Scott Donley
09-25-2005, 12:15 PM

Bruce- yes it is, 2nd. ring and I could understand them !

Tony- I saw your table when you first posted it, put it on my list of things to do, (very Looong list) and I too think the saw is a great value, just a good thing the wood does not know it 's a Craftsman and not a Uni !