View Full Version : RDWorks Capture Function

Klaus Madsen
07-11-2016, 5:02 AM
Anybody here who have tried to use the Capture function in RDWorks???

Also, what is the idea? Is it, that you can connect a Digital camera, take a picture of the work bed (Is that the right name?) and then get see the result inside RDWorks and then place your artwork where you want it? Or.....?


Gene Uselman
07-11-2016, 10:06 AM
I believe it is what my graphics program calls a Twain acquire, like from a scanner. Gene

Klaus Madsen
07-12-2016, 2:48 AM
Yes that's right I found out about that after I wrote the post. It actually found my scanner and I could scan and get it directly into RDWorks.