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Mike Leonard
06-14-2003, 8:03 AM
Another pic of one of the plaques. Hope this one comes out better than the last. For some reason I'm don't seem to be smart enough to get the pictures to come out larger.

Keith Outten
06-21-2003, 9:07 PM
Mike's plaque was a first for me in that he designed the plaque and did the layout work in Microsoft Word and emailed me the document. We did a simple copy and paste into Corel Draw and sent the job to the engraver. I was surprised at how well it worked. I haven't tried it yet but I'll bet that I could send a Word document directly to the engraver.

I hope that you picked up that keyhole router bit, it will save you a bundle through the years instead of buying metal hangers.

Mike I will resize the pictures for you and replaced the original pics you posted.