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Keith Downing
07-04-2016, 1:38 AM
Hope everyone in the states enjoys the holiday! Thought I'd share my latest piece and would love to see what others worked on that was independence day themed.


Brian Lamb
07-04-2016, 11:12 AM
I do these flags:



Bert Kemp
07-04-2016, 11:23 AM
Couple of Patriotic Mini Clocks I made for Marine friends.340211340212

Kev Williams
07-04-2016, 11:53 AM
My main Independence Day "theme" would be working my hiney off all weekend to get my seemingly endless supply of work out to happy customers.
Which means everything I do is "Made In The USA", plus I contribute a substantial portion of money to the Federal Reserve Bank.
Every 4 months

Doesn't get any more "American" than that.

But here's a couple of gun jobs, not real recent but they fit the theme...

Laser etched flag on a slide, done with pearl white Cermark (which has black Cermark mixed in by accident)

This one I like showing off, a local gun shop brought me this, their customer wanted a before/after depiction of the Twin Towers on the slide.
This is the drawing I got to work from-

After digitizing and sizing to fit, the engraving...

The finished product--

Happy 4th everyone! http://www.engraver1.com/gifs/.gif

Joe Pelonio
07-04-2016, 2:51 PM
I am caught up, but nothing themed for the day. I should be working, since it's raining here. Supposed to clear in time for the BBQ tonight. I do have patriotic Hydrangeas in the front yard.

Keith Downing
07-04-2016, 3:34 PM
Cool stuff guys. Thanks for sharing!

Scott Marquez
07-04-2016, 4:38 PM
I use my laser to cut fabric for my business, on this day the laser had to watch as I repaired 15' X 25' flags for the local American Legion. This is the group that does Military honors at funerals, it was my pleasure to support them..
http://i1061.photobucket.com/albums/t465/Sunrisetacticalgear/image_zpsby6qr06c.jpeg (http://s1061.photobucket.com/user/Sunrisetacticalgear/media/image_zpsby6qr06c.jpeg.html)

Bert Kemp
07-04-2016, 5:50 PM
Awesome Job Scott
Can I send you my 3x5 that ripped apart on my last Funeral escort LOL