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Kev Williams
07-03-2016, 1:16 PM
I'm likely talking into the wind since I've only run into 2 other people on this board that uses Lasersoft to drive their Chinese machine, but oh well...

I did some research last night and found there's been several upgrades since my last upgrade. I've been using 7.01, and downloaded 7.11...

Upon test driving it I found some great improvements, like the outline function makes a nice smooth true-to-life outline now. Before, outlining an "0" a bit to thicken it up resulted in a 8 sided 'oval' with no curves. Now it seems to work great! -- Except for: the software for some reason doesn't know the difference between the inner oval and the outer oval when outlining, which means both ovals expand the same direction. So while I can make that 0 way bigger, the stroke width never changes... Not sure if there's an inner/outer sort function I'm missing...

Also nicer is the zoom works WAY faster, as does the whole program in general. There's also a nifty 'data detection' function that will find unclosed lines, overlaps, intersections, etc... however, it seems to do a much better job of finding open graphics than Corel does-- and this means, graphics that would 'paint' exactly the same way in Lasersoft as they did in Corel, now they don't.

To wit: This spade I laser etch regularly. The one on the left is correct, and how it always came into the old program. However, to get this one to paint correctly, I had to export and import it back into Corel as a DXF before sending it to Lsoft. The one on the right how it now paints the original spade, because the program says it's found MANY open lines- 44 actually...

The 'find and close lines function does seem to work, and at first glance looks fine, but it's not because it welded 2 pieces across the universe from each other rather than the ones right next door. (Corel does the same thing so no surprise)...

Before the connection and fill, this is what shows up in Lsoft where the line starts, upper left-

But this is that same area (zoomed WAY in) as shown in Corel- I'm actually a bit lower on the arc here, but--

--- notice the grizzled looking artifacts at various places on the line. And as I noted above, the hole-finder says there's 44 holes in this graphic- would those 'holes' be these 'artifacts'? When working with the shape tool, moving the lines or nodes sometimes-sometimes not- will cause the artifacts to disappear. But they don't act like a bunch of folded-over lines either. To the shape tool they don't exist. It's like the computer is drawing phantom black specks, but Lasersoft obviously considers them something else! To the credit of Lsoft, it did seem to close all the holes- just not correctly.

So, between typing this post I tried to download a simple logo I use regularly into the new Lsoft but it won't paint it correctly no matter what I try. Even the export-import trick wouldn't work. Best I could muster is a Picasso-looking mess where half of every shape and character is painted and half is just outlined...

But this issue brings up another issue I've had with Corel for a long time, which is that many closed graphics (meaning they'll fill) that I work with cannot be outlined. The outline/weld icons simply don't appear when selecting the graphic or individual segment. I found that with this spade, NONE of the closed segments can be outlined. Nor can any parts of the logo I had trouble with. This tells me that Corel is likely considering the artifacts as unclosed holes too-- which begs the question: Why won't Corel outline such segments even though it will fill them correctly?

Anyway, after more playing around with the new program, I ended up uninstalling it. The grief of nothing filling right won't make up for the few improvements...

Not sure anyone can help, this is more of a rant that I thought some of you might find interesting...

It's too bad, because Lasersoft actually has a lot of cool features, most of which I'm actually figuring out, some of which even make sense! ;)
-- If they could only get it to actually work right :)

Jerome Stanek
07-03-2016, 3:09 PM
if it works don't fix it

Kev Williams
07-03-2016, 3:51 PM
That's probably my #1 rule! :D

It would be nice to have that inline/outline function working right, as it would help compensate for the different beam spot diameters between my machines. Gravostyle has a nifty 'thickener' in the laser driver, you can add, in .0001" increments, more 'border' to whatever you're engraving. Like for example, I can draw legend plate text as I would tool engrave them with a single line "normal block" font, then just add .022" border thickness-roughly the same as the cutter tool- and the laser will make it look completely identical to a tool engraved part. The only drawback is it can't reduce border thickness. I can do the same thing with Corel using the contour tool, but it can be very slow to work, then you have to remove the original which involves 'breaking apart', which it won't do unless the contour tool is still active, AND occasionally some letters or graphics won't cooperate. And while Corel also has an outline-thickness adjuster, I've found that (a) it only works using the values listed as far as what gets laser engraved, even though my own arbitrary values show up on the computer screen- meaning, if I enter a .7 border thickness, what engraves is a .5, the next size down. And (b), the border thickness is totally ignored by the Chinese software, it only gets the original line art....

The reason all this is important to me is because my LS900 has a beam expander that I assume works very well, because this machine produces a very small beam spot for a 2" lens, noticeably less than any of my other machines. The drawback is that my other 2 machines engrave "fatter" than the LS900. A good portion of my income is from etching basic text on black anodized aluminum, and to get the lettering to all match when using different machines, I either have to inline the text I do in the Triumph or Explorer, or I have to use a different font. If the in/outline function of the Chinese software would work right (almost did too), it would actually save me a lot of time & grief!

But, every machine and every bit of software that runs is hardly perfect. But I can hope! :)

Jerome Stanek
07-03-2016, 4:26 PM
Can you throw the focus off a little on the Triumph

Kev Williams
07-03-2016, 6:48 PM
What I'd need to de-focus is the LS900 so it would expand the beam spot a bit...
I can, but the etching won't be as bright white. I've thought about trying a 3" lens in the 900, the beam spot diameter would probably be closer to the other machines.