View Full Version : Redsail x700 cutting on an angle..

Callum Angus
06-21-2016, 2:26 AM
Good morning all.

Ive just been cutting on my x700 and have come to realise that the cut isn't perfectly straight down.. That is to say that once I have finished cutting a piece if I was to stand it up on its end the cut looks diagonal...? It's not by much but it is making a difference when I am assembling parts.

Does anyone know why this might be please??

Clark Pace
06-21-2016, 7:23 AM
The taller the part the more angle you will get as the laser loses focus. A longer focal length lens can help but you will lose engraving detail and find line cutting detail. A longer lens will have a larger kerf. (thicker cut line)

Michael Hunter
06-21-2016, 7:31 AM
You need to align the mirrors so the laser beam hits dead centre on the lens.

Any taper due to the "hour glass" shape of the focused beam will then be equalised on both sides of the cut and assembly should be easier.

Gene Uselman
06-21-2016, 8:39 AM
I had to shim my cutting head to be square with the gantry- another possibility? Gene

Callum Angus
06-21-2016, 8:47 AM
Ah ha I did think it would be something like that..

What is the best way to align the mirrors for the laser?

Kev Williams
06-21-2016, 3:14 PM
Assuming you're talking about the KERF being on an angle, one possible fix would be to offset your thru-cuts outwards (on outer pieces, inwards on holes within pieces) about .010" (0.25mm), then run a second cleanup pass at the actual size- the beam will be thin-slicing only one side of the kerf, and may finish up the edge a lot straighter.