View Full Version : Ruida- RDworks V8- setting the origin on the machine panel

Gene Uselman
06-18-2016, 11:35 AM
What I am asking about is this screen in the Z/U menu under 'Origin Set'- it is obviously possible to set up four distinct origins and then command the machine to return to them... but how to set them and then be able to return to them. I have pushed every available button (except the proper one ). Thank Gene

Keith Winter
06-20-2016, 8:00 PM
I'd love to know how to do this too, if anyone knows?

David Somers
06-20-2016, 9:20 PM
Not home yet. But when I get back will double check the steps on mine and jot them down. Basically though, you have two approaches. You can set a single origin and that becomes the standard. Or you can set multiple origins and choose which one to use. Once you have multiples set, you scroll through them with the origin button. It will cycle through the availble settings and then end up back at the first again.

Essentially......Move your laser to the coordinates you want as Origin 1.
Hit the Origin Button.
Scroll down to Origin Set and hit Enter
Highlight Multile Orign Enable and hit Enter to enable it.
Scroll down to Orgins 1. Highlight it and hit Enter to enable it.
Set Orgin.
Back out and move the laser to the next origin location.
Repeat the process but for Origin 2.
And for 3 if needed, then 4.

It think that will do it if I recall right. A few hours before I am back at the house and can verify this. This should be pretty close though.


Gene Uselman
06-25-2016, 10:14 AM
Thanks for the reply David. I am still not getting it to work. I would really appreciate it if you would review your steps on your machine. I have found that it takes only a very small deviation from what the machine wants to screw things up. Thanks Gene