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Larry Frank
06-12-2016, 9:09 PM
I recently ran into problems charging my tablet and phone. I kept getting messages that I was using a low power charger. I was using one from Amazon which was advertised as being a high power charger. I was really frustrated and about to buy a different one but was told that maybe my charging cable was bad. I had a hard time believing that.

The person loaned me a simple meter as shown in the picture. You plug it into the charger and then your charging cable into it. Well, I was wrong about the cable. It was bad and I ordered some new ones. The charging amps almost doubled.

I got this little plug in meter on Amazon and it has made my life easier and charging much faster. It is described as follows and was $9.99

DROK USB 2.0 Digital Multimeter, Ammeter Voltmeter Capacitance & Watt Meter, 7 Modes Multi Tester, DC 3A 12V Amp Voltage Power Meter, Charging System Tester, Fast Charging and Data Sync Dual USB Ports.

Tom M King
06-12-2016, 9:30 PM
Thanks for posting that.

Frederick Skelly
06-13-2016, 6:42 AM
Thanks Larry. I didn't know about these.