View Full Version : Trouble with laserpower after upgrading to MPC6525A

anthony carroll
06-12-2016, 5:53 AM
Hi All,

I am having some trouble, I recently upgraded from a MPC6515 to a MPC6525A the replacement went smoothly and the shape of the controller was almost the same as the original. All the wire outputs seemed to be the same.

The problem is now after installing the latest version of lasercut 5.3 and configuring it for my machine I have no control over the power of the laser.

The laser when being controlled by the software is only at about 60% and can not be made go lower or higher.

Please someone help

Dave Sheldrake
06-12-2016, 9:01 AM
What made you upgrade Tony? the 25 is usually a less reliable version of the 15 with very little if any real differences