View Full Version : Laserworks V8 and Coreldraw x8

Jared nemec
06-03-2016, 10:51 PM
Im am trying to get the laserworks macros on to coreldraw x8 and it keeps saying "Can't find installation of Coraldraw!". Anyone that can help me out that would be appreciated.

Bill George
06-04-2016, 8:21 AM
Isn't Laserworks the typical software that ships with a Chinese machine? I doubt seriously if it will work with X8 or any of the modern updates to the purchased Corel Draw package.

Steven Wayne
01-07-2017, 12:19 PM
Jared, did you get Laserworks V8 working with CorelDraw x8?

Brian Book
01-07-2017, 2:27 PM
Here is a link on the subject .... looks like maybe not



David Somers
01-08-2017, 2:18 AM
Corel 8 wont work with Macros that worked on Corel X7 and earlier. Same with plugins and I believe VBScripts. That means laserworks and RDworks plugins wont work on Corel X8.
And neither will any of the macros you made in earlier versions of Corel.

However, you should be able to export a file in Corel X8 to a format that LAserworks and RDWorks can accept and import. DXF for example. It is just the plugins that wont function till their software catches up with Corel X8.

Steven Wayne
01-08-2017, 3:41 AM
David, thank for the detailed response! I bought a used laptop with Win7. Coreldraw X7 was part of my laser purchase. Looks like I'll be good to go!

David Somers
01-08-2017, 2:44 PM
Happy to help Steven! That info on the macros and scripts is available in the Corel support site if you dig. Obviously not a "feature" they are touting just yet.