View Full Version : trotec speedy cleaning the exhaust grate at back of machine

Benji Berry
06-03-2016, 3:19 PM
So I am relocating to my new shop and wanted to take care of a neglected part of my Speedy 300. I thought removing the top plate would solve my issue and allow access down inside...NOT! I guess the only solution is a flexible hose and a rod to knock the crap off the walls of that area?

Anyone deal with this already and have any pointers?


Andrew Holloway
06-03-2016, 6:20 PM
I've taken that top plate off my Speedy 100 thinking the same thing!
I think the best way is just to clean what you can with a brush, rag, whatever from inside the cabinet. Then you can go in through the exhaust post on the back with a vacuum. You can remove the fitting on the exhaust to get a bit more reach.

Keith Winter
06-03-2016, 8:11 PM
Have you tried a vent cleaning brush from Home Depot? Not sure if that's what they are called but they have some flexible cleaning brushes in the duct and pvc piping sections. We use one to clean out the gunk in our Speedy 400 table 2" vent holes below the cutting table, works well.

Don Corbeil
06-04-2016, 10:56 AM
I've recently done the same, taking the top plate off only to find it doesn't give me access to that area.
The one thing that I do regularly is to take compressed air to that grate while having the exhaust running. Then I wipe with krud kutter.

Trish Steding
06-07-2016, 4:35 PM
Hello All,
I checked with our tech support team and they say those are all good ideas. If you need assistance, Trotec Tech Support can help you. 866-226-8505, Option 2. Good luck!