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Tim Shetz
06-01-2016, 4:22 PM
Hi everyone. I've been reading on this forum for quite some time. Any issues I tend to have with my machine, I find the answers here, thank you.

I have two Shenhui machines. I have the usual Blue 350 machine which has been great. I recently purchased the bigger brother, the red one that claims to be the 60W version. It uses pretty much all the same systems. I'm running version 8 of RDWorks.

Short back story: When I run the new machine, I have my file set up for example to etch the word TEST. When I start the file, the machine receives the file and starts etching. The screen on the machine shows TEST being etched correctly, however, the machine is doing it in reverse. In RDWorks, under SYSTEM CONFIG, I have it set the same as on my other machine. Mirror Y is checked, Mirror X is not. Also, the machine thinks 0,0 is in the upper right, rather than the upper left like my 350.

Being the silly person I am, I contacted the seller. I have gotten responses, but let's just say I'm not sure they understand the problem.

They recommended that I check the vendor settings. Told me to Read from the machine and then Write back. I did so. (here comes the 'dumb me' part) on another forum, someone suggested changing the Dir Polarity and the Limiter Polarity to the opposite of whatever they were currently. (wait for it...wait for it...) So when I reset the machine, the head decides that the upper left is where it should go, VERY slowly at first. Then suddenly it speeds up and hits the left side trying to continue to move. Luckily, I had my hand on the emergency STOP button and pressed it immediately.

Finally to my question: I want to return the Dir Polarity and Limiter Polarity to their original state. However, when I start the machine, I can't connect via my computer until it finishes resetting itself (which causes previously mentioned head bashing). HOW do I reset those values without destroying my machine?

Any help would be greatly appreciated...and if you're in the Northern California area, I would happily buy you a beer (or several) if you can help me!

Thanks in advance...this is an amazing community!


Brian Leavitt
06-01-2016, 4:29 PM
Have you tried manually activating the limit switch while it it starting up?

Tim Shetz
06-01-2016, 4:48 PM
I have not...sounds like a good idea. The idea being to make it think it has reset thus allowing me to connect and write the settings to it?

How do I do that? I assume the limit switch is the thing that lights up when it gets to one edge or another?

Thanks for your response.


Bill Carruthers
06-01-2016, 6:03 PM
Tim, just a thought - you say the machine engraves in reverse - it could be because your "laser head" setting is in the wrong place -it's normally upper left? You can also move the head manually to any where in the machine before start up (ie. lower right corner) then when it initialises it should stop when it hits the upper left if your limit switch is still working properly. Also you did not mention if your page size was the same 500x300 as your other machine. -??
Good Luck

Tim Shetz
06-01-2016, 6:10 PM
Hey Bill -

Thanks for the reply. The one I'm dealing with is the 500 x 700 bed.

When you say "laser head" setting, are you talking about in the software SYSTEM CONFIG? If so, I set it to the upper left, and it still thinks the upper right is 0,0

As far as moving it manually, I did try that, but when I start up, it initializes moves it to the top of the bed and starts the whole slow move to the left, then speeds up and crashes. I suspect that is due to the fact that I (somewhat stupidly) changed the Limiter Polarity. I've NOW read that this is what can happen if one does that.

The engraving in reverse is a secondary concern at this point. I can't even get the machine to start with out bashing the laser head into the upper left corner of the bed.




Jerome Stanek
06-01-2016, 8:35 PM
look in your RD works at the top there is a config list you should be able to set where your laser head starts

Tim Shetz
06-01-2016, 9:48 PM
Unfortunately, that was the first thing I tried and it had no effect.

Currently the issue is a more serious one where I need to reload the backup of the vendor settings.

look in your RD works at the top there is a config list you should be able to set where your laser head starts

Brian Leavitt
06-02-2016, 11:10 AM
How do I do that? I assume the limit switch is the thing that lights up when it gets to one edge or another?

If it's the type of limit switch I'm picturing in my head (optical switch), you can simply stick a piece of metal in the "gap" while the laser head is moving and it'll trip the switch.

Edit - yes it's the switch that lights up.