View Full Version : Mills and Drills X2 Mill CNC kits

John Meikrantz
05-17-2016, 10:29 AM
I have a Harbor Freight mini mill that has been performing well after some tuning. I was thinking of setting it up for CNC capability. My first thought was CNC Fusion www.cncfusion.com, but they don't appear to be making kits at this time. I understand one of the owners may be having some health problems. In my investigation of other options, I came across a set of ballscrews/motor mounts from a guy in Turkey. Sells on eBay and direct, and it appears to be pretty well designed. Better than the CNC Fusion kit, by appearances.

Has anyone had any experience or seen these products?

They also make a belt drive upgrade kit that looks pretty cool.

-- John

chris szlachetka
06-12-2016, 7:32 PM
Hi John,
My first cnc mill was an X1 and boy did I spend a bunch trying to trick it out. Eventually I moved on up into a larger mill and now looking to purchase a bigger one. lol Back in 2004 I purchased a CNC Fusion kit and it was perfect. I've heard great things about the X2 kits as well, but they're always sold out. Sad to hear about the health problems, hope the dude is alright. That being said ball screws vs the lead screws ++. I haven't bought from the Turkey, but have heard great things. The Fusion kits if I remember correctly were one solid piece vs assemblies. I'd say go for it or look on eBay for a used system. Post some pics !