View Full Version : JD6090 Stopped cutting through material?

Grant Renken
05-11-2016, 6:31 PM
I have a black and yellow JD6090 that was working great when I purchased it used from a guy about a month ago. Through getting familiar with the software (Lasercut 5.3), I'm not sure if i've inadvertently messed with a setting that is not jiving with the machine or what. i was cutting through 1/4" birch with no problem. Now, even at 100% power, it will not cut through the material. Looking for any help or expertise with this problem/machine.

Matt McCoy
05-11-2016, 8:11 PM
First thing I would do is make sure the mirrors/lens are clean and then check the alignment, focus, and water temperature. If it was a gradual loss of cutting ability over time and the previous suggestions all check out, it might be the tube is failing.