View Full Version : Odd happenings, not sure if it's Corel or the ULS Laser...

Brian Lamb
05-05-2016, 10:33 PM
Was working on a graphic today, designed it and shot it on glass, no problems. Then the same file, added a 5" x 7" box around it, no fill and turned the outline blue, hairline width(or red, tried both) and went to try to raster the graphic then vector the box to cut the part out of acrylic.

Laser ran the raster but with a light line coinciding with the outline box, and skipped the vector completely. I am very perplexed as to why it did the box that was a completely different color and should have been vectored. Went to the file and turned off the black raster portion, and re-sent the file with supposedly just the vector cuts, and the file send fails with "no data" or check a few other things warning. So, I completely delete the raster graphic, turn the blue outline black, resend the file and it works.

Not only the one file, but several others worked the same way today. Anything with raster set for black and vector set for blue or red was a no-go. And it's not like I haven't cut plenty of other things in raster and vector modes, so I'm more than a bit confused. Figured with all the experienced users here, somebody will point me at my probably stupid mistake....

Bill George
05-06-2016, 7:37 AM
Are you using the "official" ULS 8 color CYMK color pallet?

Mike Null
05-06-2016, 7:51 AM

Did they change? The pallet used to be RGB.

matt heinzel
05-06-2016, 8:35 AM
I know that sometimes on our end someone changes the line thickness so that is set to "scale" and when you do that with a hairline it stops being a hairline. I would check that as well.

Nicolas Silva
05-06-2016, 8:59 AM
did you remember to check RAST/VECT in the control panel?

Brian Lamb
05-06-2016, 10:05 AM
Pretty sure official is RGB, I found that out in the very beginning, first day, but I do use and have the ULS color palette. So, yes, same color palette since I got the laser.

Line thickness is definitely hairline when I select the box.

I choose either raster or vector, don't leave it at rast/vector.

The odd part is there is no box around the graphic, if I delete the box that I have set to red, I don't get a rastered box around the graphic. If I add the box, then during the black "rastered" pass, I get a slight ghost image of the box.

I will try some more tests today.... need to establish a power level for cutting through the thin acrylic anyway, first attempt was a bit too hot and kind of burned the edges.

Brian Lamb
05-06-2016, 10:07 PM
Slight update, I didn't get back into the files that didn't work yesterday, but I did find a possible solution. Needed to cut some 5x7 backers out of matt board and drew a rectangle, re-sized it and then duplicated 3 in a row to cut out of my strip. I tried to cut and it came up with the same warning, "the printed document has no data.. etc, etc" so thanks to Matt's suggestion, I double checked my line thickness, sure enough, it was set to .5 point and not hairline.

I changed to hairline and things cut as expected! I swear I double checked that the other day, but maybe I didn't. So, hopefully the whole issue is gone now. Thanks for the help and suggestions, it's keeping me from pulling out what little hair I have left on top of my head! :-)