View Full Version : Happy B-Day Terry Hatfield!

Bob Lasley
06-13-2003, 9:11 AM

Hope the pain in your hand subsides enough to enjoy the pains of getting older! ;)

Have a great birthday!


Ron McNeil
06-13-2003, 9:20 AM

Happy Birthday, I hope your healing just fine from your misfortune. Enjoy your family and have a good father's Day.

Ken Salisbury
06-13-2003, 11:36 AM
<p align="center"><font face="Comic Sans MS" color="#008000" size="5"><B>&quot;HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOU OLD #%@* &quot;</font></p></b>
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John Miliunas
06-13-2003, 1:30 PM
Awwriiight! :D Hope you have a stupendous B-day! I think you're entitled to a little "pain medication", to boot. :D Happy Birthday, Terry, and may you have many, many more. :D :cool:

Dennis Peacock
06-13-2003, 5:08 PM
<B>H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y ! ! ! ! ! ! !</B>

Best and kindest wishes for you on your birthday......Hm-m-m-m... When IS your birthday anyway? Looks like another Super Duper person born in the month of June......is this a great month or what!!!!?

Terry Hatfield
06-13-2003, 6:42 PM
So far it's been a really crappy birthday. I had asked for this day off months ago but when it came down to it the boss could not send anyone to spell me because of others being on vacation, so I drove 350 miles and worked 10 hours instead of having a day off. Oh well I supose.

Anyway, thanks for the well wishes. I'm sure my day will be improving soon as David and Cheryl Rose are due here in a bit to go out and eat. They are always good for a chuckle or two...especially David.:D

Thanks again,


David Rose
06-14-2003, 2:56 AM
Terry told us it was his birthday! Wow! We were honored.

Got home to find our only offspring, our daughter, with a ring on her finger with a big rock on it! Ouch! Oh, we had a "little" warning when the guy asked me for her hand last night.

So Terry got to be the first to know about the guy asking for her hand and then emailed the first to know, besides us, about the ring.

When I told him about the "asking" tonight he choked a little with his daughter sitting at home... so far... Daughters move on waaaay too fast!