View Full Version : Expansion arbor

Bill Jobe
04-26-2016, 4:21 PM
Looking for cheap add-ons for my HF Mini lathe. Do they make expansion arbors that are expanded by the tailstock? The chuck that came with it wouldn't even make a good boat anchor.
At least with an arbor it wouldn't be able to throw hunks at me.
I'm right in the middle. I could buy a better lathe but probably not much more than the 10" swing I now have. I just can't justify hundreds of dollars for a good 12". Not new anyway. Keep looking for used but at the present lathes are like the big brass/copper/bronze 5 point stars you see on every house. Everybody wants one.

Marvin Hasenak
04-30-2016, 6:24 PM
You might check with the "Little Machine Shop". They handle all kinds of accessories for most of the mini lathes that are on the market

Bill Jobe
05-01-2016, 5:29 AM
Thanks, Marvin.