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jack redmond
04-24-2016, 6:14 AM
336257Hey Guys

Been lurking in the shadows here trying to soak up as much information as possible before my laser arrives next week but as I have gone the cheap route (relatively) and bought a machine from redsail I know I will be relying on this forum for advice, tip n tricks etc. I figured I better introduce myself. My journey started with my scroll saw and an attempt to imitate some of the awsome graffiti art around me here in Denmark by cutting lettering from mdf, painting it and bonding it to a painted back plate. ( I'll try to attach an example pic ) but I'm not the best graffiti artist but I was introduced to someone who is by a Mutual friend and Things developed from there. We started making some stuff from fun but through Word of mouth it gained popularity to the point of starting a business and buying a laser.
So at the moment in preparation for my laser cutters arrival (cm1490 with 15ow tube.) we have been preparing cut files. Our current process is my friend draws a design on paper, I scan it, trace it using the path Tool in the GIMP and trace the path with a 1 pixel line. I produces very good result but it is very slow. What our ideal situation would be if my friend could Draw with a stylus on an ipad or similar and then have a minimum of processing to achieve a good cut file. We have just been experimenting with gimp and inkscape until we can find the right programme for us as we are mainly working with free hand drawings but we could really do with speeding up the process. Once we are up and running we intend to Work with other graffiti artists to provide them with a productive and lucrative outlet for the creative tallents. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated

William Adams
04-24-2016, 6:49 AM
You want to use a vector drawing app. Inkscape is one ó get a graphics tablet for the computer?

Thereís a creative tablet option for Adobe Illustrator, and AutoDesk just bought an app and is rebranding it as Graphic.

Itís unfortunate that Adobe hasnít brought Flash to the iPad, since it started out as FutureWave SmartSketch, a drawing program for early tablet computers.