View Full Version : V460/M300 Series Rotary

Bill George
04-23-2016, 3:05 PM
Does anyone have either a wiring diagram for the ULS Rotary for these machines, or willing to take the cover off the one they have and look? I have my DIY rotary connected to the stepper motor phase wiring and it locks up the stepper in the holding mode just fine. But there are 2 wires that need to be connected in the 9 pin wiring to tell the CPU to send the motion signals to the stepper. According to the drawing I have its just those 2 wires. I suspect its just a micro switch closing when the rotary fixture is set down, or a jumper inside.

Yes I am trying to find a used one to buy.

Bill George
04-23-2016, 5:44 PM
Well I have confirmed the steppers are wired correctly as now on start up it rotates the fixture rollers 180 Deg and when its in the material holding mode the motor just gets warm. I have $165 invested so far in the rotary and then a bit more in some wiring. Of the 4 remaining pins in the DB9 connector, one is blank 2 have 5 vdc in relationship to pin 4 which is Gnd. I have posted over on CNC Zone but I figured there would be some interest here.