View Full Version : Who bought a laser from cnc-warehouse.com from Houston?

Wolter Vanderwier
04-22-2016, 9:27 PM
Hi folks,

has anybody here bought a CO2 laser from cnc-warehouse.com in Houston? If so, what are/were your experiences with the machine?
And are their machines a copy off of one of the big three?

I bought one a week or so ago. They said I'll get it around end of may. We'll see.


Bert Kemp
04-22-2016, 11:55 PM
Looks to be a Chinese Import similar to Automation Tech or Boss lasers not a big 3 copy.WHICH ONE did you buuy

Keith Downing
04-23-2016, 12:32 AM
I agree with Bert. Especially based on the 6 week "lead time". I'm guessing they import Chinese machines at a markup after you purchase. Not the worst thing in the world if they're a reputable company I guess; at least you'll have someone to return it to if you have issues.

The quality (or lack thereof) of their website would normally have me worried a bit. But I guess if you've spoken with someone in person and if they seem reliable and well spoken that would make me feel better.

Since they also sell on ebay ebaydotcom/itm/CNC-Warehouse-Professional-Laser-Engraver-Model-CML-4030-/171389388135[/url]), you might search "ebay laser" here on the forums to get a little more insight into what you're probably getting. That topic has been beaten to death here. Both the pros, and mostly cons.

We'd love to hear your experience after you receive the machine though. So hopefully you'll report back in a couple months.

Wolter Vanderwier
04-23-2016, 2:14 PM
I ordered the CML-1290. It's 4'x3'. I chose to go with a 100W laser.

The guy that sold me the laser (Scott) seemed nice, but that doesn't necessarily mean anything. I'll report back with my experiences.
Meanwhile, if someone here bought a laser machine from them, please share your experiences.

Sam Gaddis
12-26-2018, 1:41 PM
Did you end up having a good experience with this machine?