View Full Version : Trotec Rotary Issue

john passek
04-16-2016, 5:29 PM
Hello Creekers
I was just doing some beer mugs that are due today, I did 8 and on the 9th one I hit the rotation button and when I released it the rotary just kept going until it bottomed out and stalled.
Now it wont do anything, I've started and restarted a couple of times with out success.
Has any one else experienced this happening. I' not aware of a reset button or if there is a fuse some where.
It's been a lemon from the get go, I've replaced the circuit board, the power cable and had issues with firmware.
Any advice would be appreciated.

john passek
04-22-2016, 5:49 PM
It turned out to be a firmware issue, for the 3 time.
One tech guy said it was the CPU board and to replace it would cost $549 plus freight.
Luckily I contacted the guy that normally helps me out and he installed an updated firmware and it fixed it.