View Full Version : Building drum sander

Steve Gardner
04-16-2016, 11:42 AM
I am converting a 6" joiner planer into a drum sander. The existing motor is a 2 hp 20,000 rpm. My plan is to gear down with pulleys to give my 6 inch wide by 4" diameter drum a speed of about 1800 rpms give or take. I thought I would check in here before I go any further to see if my motor application will work and if my thoughts on drum size are ok. I will be grinding thin 2" wide laminations to make archery bows, thinnest about .050 and heaviest maybe .200 thick. Accuracy within a few thousands is needed. I am also undecided if I should be using a laminated wood drum or a metal drum. Suggestions welcome.
Thanks in advance, Steve

Marvin Hasenak
04-22-2016, 9:34 PM
Not 6 inches wide, but look at this from Shop Fox. "Shop Fox D2677 Spindle Sander Drum Kit for Drill Press" My next suggestion would be to search Google images for "Drill press thickness sander" my choice was this guys system. He even has plans on this link. http://blog.plankandplane.com/workin-with-what-you-got-part-4/ I bought a drill press off Craig's list and made mine a permanent fixture on it.

Jesse Busenitz
05-28-2016, 7:13 PM
Where did you get the motor? Most standard motors are 1725 or 3450. 20,000 seems waaaaay to fast.