View Full Version : GCC Laser - Are they still supported in the U.S.?

Mike Clarke
04-16-2016, 10:29 AM
Title pretty much sums it up. Are GCC Lasers still supported in the U.S.? Somehow I am under the impression the GCC's / SIGNWarehouse Pinnacles are not well supported.

Long story short is I have 2 businesses that possibly want me to take over their production. One has a GCC laser the was acquired 2 years ago used. I have no idea how old it actually is. Bottom line is I am mainly curious about the GCC Laser. It is just a curiousity.

The business appears to be more of a concept than a reality. IE: I ain't buying into somebody else's crappy dream.

So how has GCC's support been for GCC owners.

Gary Hair
04-16-2016, 12:46 PM
Laserprona.com is a great resource, they provided me with the few parts I needed for me explorer zx. Talk to Kurt Koser, he willtreat you well.

Bill George
04-16-2016, 1:04 PM
As I recall the GCC line is Made in Taiwan and you may find it pretty well supported else where, if your talking about parts that is.

Paul Phillips
04-16-2016, 2:05 PM
+1 for Kurt Koser, talked to him at a sign convention a few years back, seemed like a great guy. GCC lasers are built in Taiwan but to US quality and with US pricing.

Hilton Lister
04-16-2016, 6:12 PM
Also sold by Jorlink USA. Mackenzie Quiros is one of the good guys.

Kev Williams
04-16-2016, 7:23 PM
I bought Gary's 10 year old GCC Explorer last October, been running it daily since I got it. It's acted up twice- first time the display got very dim and it acted erratically, or not at all... I found some great info on the Jorlink site, complete schematics, parts lists and test procedures- I found that all voltages tested okay, so I started jiggling wires and at one point the display sprang back to life-- From there I pulled every connector, and quite a few IC chips, cleaned and reseated everything. It's worked perfectly since, EXCEPT for about a month ago, when I started getting offset engraving. That's when I got my first encoder experience... I opened the encoder on the X servo, and while I read a lot about encoder 'strips', this one uses a thin disk that passes thru a hall-effect pickup. The disk was a bit grimy, so I carefully cleaned it up, put it all back together, and it's ran perfect ever since. Both issues were 'dirt' related, nothing to do with breakage or build quality. It's well built and does what its' supposed to do, can't ask much more than that!

As for support, so far I haven't needed any. Knock on my head. ;)

Mike Clarke
04-19-2016, 8:54 PM
Thanks for the replies. I didn't want to bump this back to the top, but I definitely wanted to thank you guys.