View Full Version : Silicone stamp to handle glue

Martin James
04-15-2016, 10:50 AM
I am working on making up a few silicone stamps using sheets of red silicone. Is their a easy way to glue or fasten the red silicone to wood handles?

thanks marty

Brian Lamb
04-15-2016, 1:49 PM
It has been lot of years, but we used to make rubber stamps to part mark parts in the machine shop. Pretty sure we used "rubber cement" to attach the rubber to the wood blocks we used as handles. Elmer's or 3M make it, you can get it at most office supply stores.

on edit: I will say we used a specific red rubber sheeting for making rubber stamps, don't know if it was "silicone". If you are trying to bond true silicone rubber, use some silicone bathroom caulk as the glue.

John Blazy
04-16-2016, 10:03 PM
Ive been gluing silicone a lot these days (red silicone sheet) and have only been successful with cyanoacrylate (super glue). I would love to find a better glue, but the gel super glues are working well.

Robert Tepper
04-17-2016, 12:37 AM
Have you tried silicone adhesive, it comes in a squeeze tube.


Martin James
04-19-2016, 12:04 AM
OK thanks for the tips I guess that i will try some silicone adhesive, which i saw at amazon for $6US. Has anyone tried a laser able tooling board that will withstand vulcanization? thx marty