View Full Version : Chinese Laser Engraver kh-7050h 60 Watt Laser Images Distorted

Justin Gibson
04-12-2016, 10:26 AM
Here are some screenshots and a videoof what I was talking about earlier
what I got and what I was suppose to get. RDworks v8 with Corel Plugin
I consistently get bad output this is from the time I got the Engraver
any Ideas about why it would do this or settings I need to change I have tried everything
I can think of. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Kev Williams
04-12-2016, 11:56 AM
It appears your steppers are being told to go faster than they'll actually go, and are hanging up moving to the next shape... but, I'm not much help because I have no idea how you change 'baseline' speed settings in your software. But I do know there's likely many...

I'm using "Lasersoft" aka "PHcad", and there are settings to change max speed for circles and other radius's, and also a 'curve discrete' setting which I still can't figure out. These are in the 'crafts parameters' settings. Note that some of these settings completely ignore your 'base' sent-to-the-machine speed settings...

I've had similar problems at times, once when increasing the 'curve discrete' setting, which I thought would increase the detail and slow the machine around curves, it did exactly the opposite-- the machine was trying to run full-speed thru radius corners and the steppers would hang, totally making any following etching in the wrong place, and it would hang several different times. Figuring out how to get the max circle-cut speeds to do what I want is also a challenge, but I'm getting close (like, I just found out yesterday that 75mm is the max diameter the machine will recognize a slower speed than the 'base' cut speed sent to the machine...)

I've also been dealing with an issue when making these changes where the machine will INCREASE power going slower at corners and around arcs rather than DECREASING power. This is BAD on anodized aluminum and running Cermark, where too much power doesn't work!

If someone would make some compatible, decent, user-friendly software to control these Chinese machines he'd be an overnight billionaire...

In fact, if someone could simply translate the meanings used in the software I'd pay good money for that!

Hopefully someone with RDworks can help you slow your machine down!

Matt McCoy
04-12-2016, 1:16 PM
Can you attach better pics?

Try moving your material into the engraving envelope .05" on either side to allow the laser head enough room to ramp up/down as it changes directions.