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Jim McCue
04-11-2016, 11:45 PM
Hi guys,

I've been lurking for a long time and this is my introduction post.
My profile says I joined a year ago and I was lurking a year or two before that.
Your message board is so helpful that I can frequently find the answers to my questions without even asking.
I feel like I know some of you I have read so much.

I have recently bought a used Epilog Legend 24TT.
I have hooked up air assist with an airbrush compressor and drilled and chiseled a 4" hole through my garage brick wall for the exhaust. I am working on hard-wiring the ethernet connection.

I plan on making custom or personalized hobby supplies.
The bulk of the work will be acrylic 1/8mm, both cutting and engraving.

Of course now that I have a laser me and the spouse have found all sorts of things to experiment on.
I'm interested in making notebook covers, license plates, puzzles, dinosaurs, toys, etc...

As a side note I am using a Macintosh OS X computer. I am using VirtualBox (free) to emulate a Windows XP machine. I use Corel Draw and print from this program. It is like running a whole different computer in a separate app. I know I searched lots of threads about how to make a Macintosh work with Epilog and this is how I've made it work.

I just thought I would introduce myself so if you see me pop up here and there you have an idea of who I am.
I am also a neanderthal woodworker so you may see me in that forum as well.


John Noell
04-12-2016, 1:46 AM
Welcome! Sounds like you have made some good choices (with maybe one exception - the airbrush compressor - will it really deliver 20psi on a continuous basis?). I hope you enjoy your laser as much as I have enjoyed mine. :)

Mike Null
04-12-2016, 8:40 AM

Welcome to SMC. I would be cautious about the airbrush compressor as well. Mine has an auto shutoff which can be risky when you're cutting acrylic. In plain English, without air assist you may be at risk for a fire. That's why a reliable compressor is essential.

Bill George
04-12-2016, 9:00 AM
I use VirtualBox on my Mac Book Pro for Corel Draw to generate files for my 3D printer but never tried to run my laser from it. I like my Mac, no constant daily or at least weekly security updates from Microsoft.