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steven c newman
03-31-2016, 8:06 PM
Well, went to a store to look around a bit, as I was about and about in the area. I had stopped to see a relative, whom happened to have a wire-welder. I had a plane iron to repair. He got it all welded up, and cleaned up, left me with very little to smooth out. After a bit of sharpening, it is back in the Ohio Tool Co. No.07......

Now, about that store I went to....was looking for a couple other plane irons...found one, tapered, made for a coffin smoother. Already have a chipbreaker to match. Problem was it was stuck to a Rusty& Krusty Razzee plane. well, might as well see IF it would be a "package deal"?? Hmmm, $5.36 ( counting sales tax) for the mess. Razzee turned out to be an Ohio Tool Co. no. 035. with "issues"

Missing the front knob and the screw.....dug both out of spares
Rear handle ended about ...3/4" up from the bottom. Dug out both the new tote and the long bolt from spares.....walnut, will just have to do
Switched out the lever cap, as another 035 I am selling needed the correct one
Iron was tuned up.....chipbreakers were swapped out to better fit the two planes, stanley iron to the replacement plane, Ohio iron to the sold plane. Chipbreakers didn't get switched, though. Adjusters didn't quite match.

Gave the #0 7 a test drive..
Seemed to hold up.....next, the cleaned up replacement 0 35
The adjuster wheel on this one is right hand thread....
Doesn't look too bad, for a $5 plane? As for the one it replaces in the shop?
The 0-7 is sitting beside the two....not too bad a day...:rolleyes:

Chris Hachet
04-01-2016, 8:20 AM
Not too bad at all...I might need to see you to find out if we can rust hunt some more braces. I am going to be building some staked furniture a la swartz...

steven c newman
04-01-2016, 9:44 AM
There was five braces laying nearby on a shelf at that place.....

Still have 3 No.7 planes sitting around...in my shop.

steven c newman
04-02-2016, 9:22 PM
Now for the strange part of those two No.035 planes.....besides the left and right hand thread stuff. The chipbreaker's slots were just different enough that one could not switch them between the two planes. About a 1/4" difference.

I somehow got both planes to work like new.....may need to go back and de-rust the "new" one a bit. The ironworks seems to be a bit flaky, japanning is about...60% or so. The "first" one had Brown Japanning, the newest one has Black. The 0-7 was also black japanned. The iron that was snapped in two, is now back together, and sharpened up. The holes at the ends of the slots are hex ones. Ohio Tool Co. way of getting around Stanley's patent? Depth adjuster threads on the 0-7 are also left hand. Kind of blends in with the two Stanley No. 7, T-9s I also have in the shop. May need to add on to the left side of the plane till.......3 #7s, a #6c, and a #5-1/2, takes up quite a bit of real estate.....

Jim Koepke
04-02-2016, 9:45 PM
The holes at the ends of the slots are hex ones. Ohio Tool Co. way of getting around Stanley's patent?

No idea why Ohio Tool Co chose the hex. Maybe to make their blades stand out in the crowd.

My recollection is Stanley's 1892 patent on the hole location didn't stand up in court.


steven c newman
04-03-2016, 1:02 AM
Not sure how old these hex holed, tapered irons are. The Razzee ironwork on one is Brown japanned, the other is a more normal black. Brown has the right hand thread adjuster, the black has a lefty. Iron has a Globe logo, with "OHIO" on a banner across it. Both the 035's iron and the 0-7's iron have that logo. Seems to be before the 1913 flood?

steven c newman
04-04-2016, 11:00 PM
Just as well the new 035 is here....the other one was shipped out today. Means now I can devote more time to getting this one back to like new condition. Might try to fully flatten the sole. I doubt IF i will try to re-sole it.

Along with that No. 035, there is a 2" wide, tapered iron, with a round hole down near the beveled edge. Still trying to discover the logo on it a bit better. I also have an older chipbreaker to match. However, when I went to test one of the Stanley bolts to see IF it would work to hold the two together......it almost fell through the hole. Will need a little bit larger diameter bolt for it. Chipbreaker is a flat beveled edge, rather than a hump, and more like a "modern" (Hock??) chipbreaker. Or just a very old one. Photos maybe later, when I next go to the shop.