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Graham Taylor
03-16-2016, 12:59 PM
Q. What is the shortest time you switch your machine on for?

I try not to switch it on for anything less that 3 hrs because I am quite busy in the shop and packing orders so my cutting time is usually at the end of the day or 1st thing in the morning.

Q. I was told/read somewhere that the Trotecs dont like a cold start when 1st switched on so do you guys have a min temp you switch it on?

I usually turn on a heater which I have blowing at the rear of the machine it if it is a bit chilly to warm it up but is this necessary?

Jiten Patel
03-16-2016, 1:07 PM
Hi Graham,

We have switched on the machine for 2 minutes for a sample before! Not ideal, but in order to bag a large order...it's worth it now and again.

Also we won't fire up until the room is around the 16-18 degrees (Celsius for you folks across the pond). Supposedly you shorten the life of the tube when it is in a cold environment, but I am no expert!

Ivan Shuliak
03-16-2016, 1:54 PM
Never heard or though about those thing.
The one thing though to consider is room temperature. We had to replace our laser tube on Epilog Zing after less than 2 year of use because it was quite close the the wall on the left hand side where you've got cooler fans and probably it was overheating.
I've just checked with Epilog though, and they say recommended room temperature should be between 15.5 and 32.2 degrees