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Terry Hatfield
06-12-2003, 12:38 AM
Somebody please help the digitally challenged.....

When I left this morning, I did not sign off AOL like I usually do. Katie had been on this computer but swears that she did nothing except sign on to AIM and talk to her friends. She was doing some filing for me and this computer is right by the filing cabinets.

Anyway....now everything has a HUGE font and is generally HUGE. I could read the pages from outside. It's not the desk top, just the web stuff. Same HUGE fonts etc. if I get on line through Ineternet Explorer also. I now have to scroll up and down, back and forth to see what I normally see on the page with no scrolling at all......this is driving me crazier.

Somebody please help me.:(



David LaRue
06-12-2003, 1:05 AM
Give this a try: In Internet Explorer, on the menu bar,
1. select "View"
2. Mouse over "Text Size"
3. Select " Medium"

Let me know if this works... could be a number of other things.


Terry Hatfield
06-12-2003, 1:10 AM

Thanks!!! That fixed it. You have no idea how glad I am to be back to normal....well...the fonts on my computer anyway.:D

Thanks again,


Dennis Peacock
06-12-2003, 1:29 AM
Whew!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm glad that's over... ;-)

Glad to know it was something to do with your browser and not your head..!! :-) RDAH (Running, Ducking And Hiding)

Terry Hatfield
06-12-2003, 1:31 AM
U better run after that!!!!!! You be nice...I'm medicated.


Dennis Peacock
06-12-2003, 1:35 AM
You are so funny when you are loaded......Hm-m-m-m-m...I mean "medicated"... :-) LOL chuckle....... :D

Terry Hatfield
06-12-2003, 1:37 AM
Hey...I'm funny all the time...I just don't remember being funny when I'm taking these pain pills.


Dennis Peacock
06-12-2003, 1:59 AM
In all seriousness.....I sure hope and pray those fingers heal quickly and the medication let's you sleep for a change....

Jason Roehl
06-12-2003, 7:13 AM
Originally posted by Terry Hatfield
Somebody please help the digitally challenged.....

Terry, it's got to be said, but you really should pick your words more carefully. Although, laughter IS the best medicine! Sorry, I just couldn't resist, especially after seeing you and Dennis' little exchange here.

Rusty Hughes, Indy
06-12-2003, 8:44 AM
Here it is a 7:30 am and you made think!!!

I do have to agree Terry using "digitally challenged" is very funny. It took me a few seconds to get it which tells me I need more caffeine.


Terry Hatfield
06-12-2003, 8:59 AM


Daniel Rabinovitz
06-12-2003, 12:08 PM
I took me a few seconds also to get with the phrase that Jason spotted.
Jason, you must be disjointed. hehehehe:D