View Full Version : Did He See This On TV?

Jim Koepke
03-06-2016, 1:18 PM
We notice our cats occasionally watching TV. Surely dogs do the same. Is it possible one saw all those commercials with dogs driving cars and thought he would give it a try?

One dog apparently has learned a new trick: how to drive a semi-truck.
Customers at a Minnesota gas station saw a golden Labrador retriever appear to drive the semi across a road Friday.


Lots of hits from Dr. Google with > dog drive semi <.


Yonak Hawkins
03-06-2016, 2:12 PM
See, this is what happens. I've been advocating for a long time to give dogs at least a modicum of driver training just for this situation.

Mel Fulks
03-06-2016, 2:18 PM
He said he hadn't slept in two days and he just leaned over to talk to an attractive female.