View Full Version : Any success with using Parallels on a Mac and Universal Laser?

Julie Ballard
03-02-2016, 11:59 AM

I am trying to set up my Universal Laser using a Mac and Parallels. However, I believe there is something on the Windows side preventing my jobs going to print.
This is outside the area of Universal's technical support and Parallels.

We previous used bootcamp but would love the convenience of parallels.

Has anyone been successful in using Parallels and ULS?

60W Universal Laser
(and a whole studio full of other stuff)

John Bion
03-02-2016, 1:29 PM
Hi Julie, I do not have a ULS, I have Chinese machines, so aside from being anciliary, this may not be relevant. I do have problems printing from CorelDraw etc to my Oki laser printer via Paralells. I do not use any Windows software except CAD/Corel and if I need to print from these I save a PDF and print that via my iMac. All laser/CNC work I export as DXF.
Kind regards, John

Martin James
03-03-2016, 7:47 AM
Hi Julie. I use a macbook pro. I just upgraded to yosemite w/ parallels 10, up from maverics with parallels 9. The windows version is 8.1. I have a chineese laser.

Sometimes it will not recognise the usb connection and i have to unplug and replug the usb cord.

I use photoshop on the mac and save to the AI file format then open the laser controler program in windows and import the AI, build a cut/raster file and save in the laser programs native format (rdcam)

parallels works just fine. Just remember to never upgrade the mac os untill you feel the need to pay $50 for the next version of parallels.

When you are seting up windows, map the controls so the mac keyboard shortcuts, like command C and command V work on the windows side.

Hope this helps. m