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Jack Lilley
02-27-2016, 4:39 PM
Those of you that track your expenses. What would the cost of maintenance be for a 50 watt machine? Cost per hour or week, however you keep track of your cost. I am trying to calculate the amount of time it will take to for a used machine to pay for itself but I have no idea what maintenance cost are. The machine is a 50 watt epilog. Thanks for any input. Jack.

Braden Todd
02-27-2016, 5:07 PM
Each experience will differ and differ on what you run and how well you keep up with the machine, but for my two machines a 75 and 60 watt epilog I replaced one lens and a flex cable. The lens was from an improper cleaning and then running the machine while the cleaner was still wet, fried the lens but it's the first in 3 years. So actual breaking down cost I had roughly $27 last year.

If you wanna plan on worst case scenario, I'd just budget for a motherboard or tube or both and then just have those funds available. But in a total of 5ish years I've never replaced either...knock on wood!

David Somers
02-27-2016, 8:14 PM

Are you referring to a Chinese machine or a western machine like an Epi, ULS or Trotec? That will make a big difference. Also how old a machine and what is the age of the tube?

If the machine is cared for, and you use it on a voltage regulator or at least a surge suppressor your electronics are probably safe. Probably. So then your big maintenance cost is the tube if it needs to be recharged or replaced. Followed by parts that just wear out with time like belts and mirrors and lenses. Chinese lenses are inexpensive. Western lenses are expensive.


Kev Williams
02-27-2016, 9:32 PM
I bought a used 1997 25w ULS (New Hermes Optima) in 2002.
2 belts, around $40 each, so $80...
1 stepper motor (that it didn't need)- $125
1 tube replacement (that it also didn't need), $1250
No lenses, no mirrors, no repairs.
So even including non-needed items, cost per day, approx. 28 cents over 14 years

My Gravograph (New Hermes) LS900, I bought in 2004. I had one mirror given to me, 1 new belt given to me (haven't used it yet), and the power supply went out, which was $1700 for a rebuilt. That comes to roughly 42 cents a day.

My Chinese Triumph, I've bought new parts which I wanted, so that doesn't count ;) -- And I've paid to replace 3 lenses at $20 each...
I've had it (if my math is correct) 815 days give or take, that comes to around 8 cents a day. I also had to replace the supplied blower, but, that's not part of the laser...

Final answer, it all depends! I've had what can only be called extremely good luck with my machines over the years. For that I'm thankful!

But I also realize my time is limited on a few big ticket items, I have 2 lasers with over 10-year old Synrad's in 'em, while I'd like to believe they'll last forever, I know better!

Jack Lilley
02-28-2016, 7:13 AM
It's a 2001 Epilog Legend 32, 50 watt. It has not been used for about 4 years, I do have a quote for a new tube. I was just wondering about other maintenance cost that go along with these machines but it sounds like not much if they are taken care of.

Glen Monaghan
02-28-2016, 9:04 AM
For my older Epilog, I think I spent more on cleaning supplies (optic swabs, reagent alcohol, reagent acetone) than replacement parts. For my newer Epilog, the old (Synrad?) tube was faltering and I opted to replace it with the newer Epilog tube and also upgrade to the "quiet" variable speed fans, so that upped the maintenance cost, but that's the extent of maintenance costs I've had on it.