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steven c newman
02-10-2016, 12:25 PM
The other day, I "won" a saw blade from that auction site. Just the blade, no handle, nor any bolts..
12" long, 9ppi

Maybe I could make a handle? Already had some bolts
Nope, didn't have a medallion. Had some 5/4 White Oak, that had a very straight grain to it.
Traced out a pattern of sorts. Cut out the "good" parts. Shaped it down until it fit my hand. Added a saw kerf to slide (barely) the plate into the new handle, and gave it a coat of finish
And let things dry awhile. later, I added the two bolts, using new holes. Next, It did need a little sharpening. had a couple small kinks to hammer out, too. Finally got to where a test cut could be made
Had a touch too much set on the right hand side.....stoned it a bit. Teeth were filed as rip
Just might make a decent Tool Box Saw?
Cuts fast, and straight. Handle fits my hand nicely. The "neck" is actually a lot thicker than it looks, and the grain runs straight through in a single line.

Daniel Morgan
02-20-2016, 9:08 PM
Nicely done!