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Tony Falotico
09-11-2005, 1:04 PM
In the wake of the disaster in Louisiana and Mississippi let's not forget to pause today in remembrance of those who were killed and those who bravely gave their lives in the brutal attacks on New York, Virginia, and Pennsylvania four years ago.

To the Police and Fireman who gave their lives that day, we salute you.

Ken Fitzgerald
09-11-2005, 1:15 PM
They are in my thoughts today!

Dennis Peacock
09-11-2005, 2:39 PM
Thanks for the reminder Tony.....may we never forget.....

Rich Konopka
09-11-2005, 2:53 PM
There isn't a day that goes by where I don't think of 9/11. I lost a friend and colleague that day when his plane went down in Pennsylvania. I myself was headed to corporate that day and remember the call that Todd was on flight 93. There is a movie on Discovery tonight that will replay those moments.

There was some good that came out of that dreadful day. My friends name and spirit lives on. http://www.beamerfoundation.org/about/toddbeamer.html

Richard Wolf
09-11-2005, 2:59 PM
I'm with you Tony.


Jerry Clark
09-11-2005, 7:28 PM
I agree those were brave people-- It is strange that something that should divide up, brings us closer, stronger and united! I feel for those people and their families! Bless America!

Dan Oliphant
09-11-2005, 9:30 PM
They will never be forgotten, all of our lives have been changed in some way sense that day.

Ernie Nyvall
09-11-2005, 10:45 PM
Thanks for the reminder, although it hasn't been forgotten here.