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Ole Anderson
01-24-2016, 8:54 PM
I was selling a vintage Shure 556c microphone for our church. Had it sold two weeks ago for $170, about what they were going for. The guy cancelled his winning bid over some issue with eBay that didn't make sense. Neither of the next two bidders, at over $160, followed through on a second chance offer so I put it up again for a week. Just sold it today for $102.50. Just sitting here bummed. :(
Item # 172066111636

Brian Henderson
01-24-2016, 9:46 PM
That's the chances you take on eBay. You could have put it up with a minimum.

Jim Koepke
01-24-2016, 9:51 PM
I have been a second chance bidder on a couple occasions. I never wanted to pick it up at my highest bid since the high bidder who bailed out may have caused my bid to go up before they decided they didn't want it. I always suspect shill bidders to be involved. What is someone doing bidding on eBay if they have issues with eBay?

If someone reneged on one of my auctions I would make sure they never bid on one again.

Too bad it wasn't what is known as a ribbon microphone. Some folks go nuts over a microphone with the word ribbon included.


Wade Lippman
01-24-2016, 10:02 PM
You were lucky he changed his mind so early.

My son sold a 64GB SSD for $75. Probably worth $25. After receipt the guy must have realized that, because he claimed it was defective. If only there were karma.

Erik Loza
01-24-2016, 10:13 PM
Ebay made it basically impossible to leave negative feedback for another member a few years back. That was the only real tool you had to see who the flakes and deadbeat bidders were. That being said, I still buy quite a bit of stuff from Ebay and had mostly good experiences. Like Brian said, you have to realize all this going in. Buyer or seller.


Rich Riddle
01-25-2016, 9:00 PM

eBay made it basically impossible for SELLERS to leave negative feedback for buyers who paid in full and in a timely manner. Sellers were holding buyers hostage for positive feedback or retaliating. Also, buyers who don't pay cannot leave feedback. If non-paying buyers do somehow slip a negative feedback through, sellers can have it immediately removed. Now sellers can't demand payment in 24 hours or negative feedback. I think buyers now have three days to pay. Does the system sometimes get abused by buyers; oh yes. However, sellers were far more flagrant and egregious about negative feedback. You can now actually look at a seller's feedback rating and get a somewhat accurate reflection of his worthiness.

Erik Loza
01-26-2016, 11:49 AM
Rich, I can't leave negative feedback for a seller (me being the buyer) unless I open a claim. Or something to that effect. I got burned once and tried to, but couldn't. Unless they've changed that in the last few years.