View Full Version : Tool Box Organizer Foam

Nicolas Silva
01-24-2016, 5:56 PM
Hello. I wanted to organize a toolbox drawer with some of my leatherworking tools so I went down to Sears to look since I had seen it there before.
Cost was $20 for one drawer's worth of foam. Sounded a bit much. Fortunately I stopped at Harbor freight today to pick up some goggles and spotted
an Anti-Fatique mat for $9 which was about the same consistancy of foam. It was just a bit thinner but would work for these tools. It is 12 SQ feet which is enough to do 6 drawers. It laser cut well with minimal smell. And with the diamond plate surface, it looks nicer than regular foam. Cheers!


David Somers
01-24-2016, 7:10 PM
Nice find Nicolas!