View Full Version : Decoration Procrastination

Rich Riddle
01-17-2016, 1:21 PM
Went to the home of an acquaintance who still has all of his holiday decorations displayed inside and outside his home. It's been a fairly mild season, so that's not the reason. Any of you still have them up? If not, when did they get removed?

Bradley Gray
01-17-2016, 2:05 PM
Ours are still up. Luckily, we live way out in the country and the Decoration Police haven't been by.

Rich Riddle
01-17-2016, 2:17 PM
Ours are still up. Luckily, we live way out in the country and the Decoration Police haven't been by.
You are lucky. We once lived in a condominium in Mariemont, Ohio where the Home Owners' Association spelled out not only when and where you could place decorations but also what types were acceptable. They fined folks who didn't adhere to the policy. Hated living there. My wife acts as the one who spells out rules these days. She hates seeing the decorations come down because it's a long cold wait for warm weather.

Jim Koepke
01-17-2016, 2:17 PM
Our tree is still up. I still enjoy having the festive lights on during the evening.

Outside we live far enough from the road no one can see them unless they are really looking. There are strings of clear lights hanging between the shop and the house. They stay up all year to light the path at night.

There are still some lights in one of the outdoor trees from when we moved here ~8 years ago. I have never put power to them.


Mel Fulks
01-17-2016, 3:47 PM
I follow old Christmas . It lasts twelve days plus whatever I add on.

Ken Fitzgerald
01-17-2016, 3:57 PM
Ours came down earlier this past week but we had young family members here until the end of the previous week.

john snowdon
01-17-2016, 4:19 PM
Still up! I've turned off the outside lights but we enjoy the memories the decorations provide and absolutely couldn't care if others think we're nuts. Probably coming down this week. Then again...

Shawn Pixley
01-17-2016, 4:29 PM
All down and put away.

Joe Mioux
01-17-2016, 4:40 PM
Most of the true Christmas items are down, but garlands and wreaths are more winter-themed decorations and those will be up for awhile. The tree has its decorations off and will go away tomorrow.

Bruce Page
01-17-2016, 5:26 PM
We got ours down a couple of days ago.

Brian Henderson
01-17-2016, 5:30 PM
Our tree is still up but coming down this weekend. We do no outside lights and everything else in the house is down. We've been too busy to get the tree out but today is the day.

Michael Weber
01-17-2016, 9:57 PM
I'll not be happy until the time comes that the decorations never go up. Bah Humbug.;)

Rick Potter
01-18-2016, 3:34 AM
Up shortly after Thanksgiving, take them down New Years day. Sometimes miss by a couple days.

Justin Ludwig
01-18-2016, 8:25 AM
Took ours down a few days after Christmas. We don't use a tree anymore. I tried pulling one over on my wife a few years ago and brought one of my disc golf baskets in the house and decorated it while she was at work. She loved it, so that's what we put up now in lieu of a tree. Once the basket gets filled, we then start placing them around the base.


roger wiegand
01-18-2016, 9:16 AM
Gee whiz, it's only a couple days past the 12th day of Christmas. What's the rush?

Lee Schierer
01-18-2016, 9:37 AM
Our decorations outside came down the day before the snow started right after new year's day. The tree inside came down a few days later.

Charles Taylor
01-18-2016, 9:51 AM
Ours came down in increments, beginning a week or so after Christmas Day and ending last weekend...except for a couple of straggler decorations that were overlooked. They're still waiting patiently for their trip to storage.

Dave Anderson NH
01-18-2016, 11:28 AM
Our tree came down New Year's day. The wreath on the barn is still there since it looks nice. The electric candles still are in our front windows and will be until day light savings starts again.

Anthony Whitesell
01-18-2016, 11:52 AM
Renovating the wood shop got in the way of taking down the decorations. Quite literally. Some of the stuff from the shop was placed in the walkway to get to the boxes for the decorations. With the stuff back in the shop and out of the way, I expect the decorations to come down shortly. The lights will come down when there is time on the weekend to do so.

Ole Anderson
01-18-2016, 12:20 PM
Our outside decorations are still up but turned off now for a couple of days. If I weren't hot and heavy into 2 shop projects, I would pull all the boxes down from the attic and start putting inside stuff away. Out grand daughter was over Saturday and helped grandma un-decorate the tree.

Gordon Eyre
01-18-2016, 12:33 PM
Go up anytime after Thanksgiving, come down immediately following the New Year. These are my wives guidelines and I pretty much adhere to that. Our decorations were down and put away by January 2nd.